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Complete kit Curl & Wave line

Complete kit Curl & Wave line

Grandha - high quality phytotherapeutic product for specific treatments of the scalp and hair


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Gomage Pep oil Contraction (texturing system)

Gomage Pep oil Contraction (texturing system)

Curl & Wave T4 Mask - Frizzy Curl Control

Curl & Wave T4 Mask - Frizzy Curl Control

Co-Washing Shampoo (limpesa suave - exturing system)

Co-Washing Shampoo (limpesa suave - exturing system)



This kit is strictly dedicated to type 4 and frizzy hair. The hair mask is a specially sized formula for the hydrolipid replacement of type 4 frizzy hair in all its possible variations. A strategic combination of vegetable butters and 18-MEA, the natural lipid of the hair, combined with a synergy of 3 important vegetable oils for a complete and perfect distribution of lipids for this type of hair fiber: jojoba, coconut and apricot oils . A unique product to highlight the architecture of curly hair and add incredible shine and texture to the hair. The other components of the kit, shampoo and gomage, are ideal for a correct cleaning and a perfect finalization.

The special price kit consists of:

Shampoo co wash 500ml
Curl 6 Wave Mask 500gr
Gomage finalizer 300ml

High-performance hydrolipidic balance to correct the texture and repair the structure of curly hair. Harmonization of jojoba, coconut and apricot vegetable oils with the exclusive 18-MEA.Produced with natural raw materials, each GRANDHA product is dermatologically and clinically tested.

Each Grandha product is subject to the certification of the BRAZILIAN ACADEMY of TRICHOLOGY (ABT) which is responsible for the certification of efficacy and efficiency of the products submitted to them in the examination phase: it is therefore synonymous with quality and safety in obtaining the desired results.

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