Grandha products stand for the highest quality in the field of dermatologically tested hair products. The Brazilian Academy of Trichology - ABT - certifies each product of this great company and highlights its therapeutic qualities to solve countless hair problems. To constant research, it combines production with natural raw materials of the highest quality. Grandha products are suitable for any type of hair: straight, wavy, curly, frizzy and afro, of all textures.

For decades Grandha has been involved in formulating and producing products suitable for treating any capillary situation in a professional way. The products are tested by the Brazilian Academy of Trichology which is an authoritative voice in the field of trichology. Research and quality are the two fundamental pillars of every Grandha product. The results are guaranteed by innumerable testimonials of solutions in the trichological field.

Hair therapy is still an infancy concept but its potential is huge. Grandha's therapeutic lines act directly on problems such as excessive oiliness, oily roots with dry ends, dandruff treatment, progressive hair treatment and cases of baldness and alopecia, respecting nature and above all the hair.

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