We have always been curious to know the stories of the people behind each brand, successful idea; perhaps because a beautiful thing in life is dreaming. Of course, the story of Bill Gates of Microsoft or Coco Chanel are events of great success that 1000 pages would not be enough to tell a part of it. In a somewhat dreamy way and to tell our story, that of Beleza Pura , we want to copy this idea, certainly not because we are big in the same way as the two people mentioned; simply because "we love each other" and deep down we are proud of our adventure. And it is for this reason that we want to briefly tell you the story of Celia, creator and director of this story. Some people very close to her participated with her: hence the reason for the "we" in the preface.

Celia Regina Costa was born in Cuiabà - Mato Grosso, Brazil. Daughter of a housewife and a worker, she grew up in a humble family. From an early age she showed her strong and lively character. His mother, Dona Eledil, to supplement the family salary, made chocolate sweets that Celia, a 7-year-old girl, accompanied by her eldest cousin, sold on the street. At 14, strong in her passion for dance, she began to give some dance lessons, reaching the age of 19 to be a real teacher of this beautiful art.

The tenacious character, the will to emerge combined with the need to "do something", leads her to challenge herself by opening a small beauty salon in the back of the family home. With the fruit of labor, he begins to buy and resell clothing door to door; the next goal was to open his own shop. With the necessary self-esteem, perseverance and a bit of luck - which never hurts - she crowns her dream, thus offering her clothes to girls, women, transsexuals, because in society the enhancement of each person's life is in the first place, without distinction of sex or religion.

In 2015, for personal reasons, Celia moved to Italy. It is not easy to leave all struggles and conquests behind; moving to a foreign country involves difficulties, starting with the language. Her tenacity will help her to overcome difficulties, sometimes even trivial like gastronomic habits, sometimes more difficult like entering the university world - philosophy faculty - relationships in the world of work totally different from what she was used to. The challenge had been launched, now it was necessary to win a small battle every day and understand what life was like in Italy. And this is how one day, while shopping at a supermarket, she realized how difficult it was to find products to treat her hair that is frizzy. Intrigued by this thing, she began to look all over Milan for a shop that could help her and with great surprise ......... she did not find it!

The first reaction was one of sadness, as if the kind of woman she represented, that is, of black race and with frizzy hair, did not exist. Yet it was in Italy, a country considered to be of the first world, also inhabited by foreign people with the same needs. The negative reaction soon gave way to a positive consideration: Celia did not want to remain still, impassive in front of such a simple necessity. A need that was not only for her, but for all those women who encountered the same difficulties as her. In short, he wanted to be there! The fuse had been lit: after a careful analysis of the Italian market and obviously a cross with Brazilian professional companies, Celia has forged commercial ties with well-known Brazilian cosmetic companies. From here it all started: first only with hair products, then followed by products dedicated to skin care and in the future ......... nobody knows the future! Certainly Celia will not stand still waiting for events.

Well, maybe we have prolonged it …… it is time to end this story that has become reality from a dream.

Thus was born Beleza Pura .


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