Trichology: what is it? It is the study and solution of anomalous situations of our hair. The Brazilian Curly salon, through the analysis of your hair, is able to highlight the problems related to the hair strands and to suggest a path to be able to manage them in the best possible way with the application of personalized products and methods. 

It is a false belief that hair loss cannot be stopped, that excessive itching cannot be eliminated, that excessive flaking cannot be fought: it depends a lot on the causes and therefore a trichological consultation can reveal a solution up to now neglected. The steps are very simple: through a survey carried out in our salon, the drafting of a medical history file is investigated in a professional way and a personalized solution is offered.

We are not doctors: there are problems that only a doctor can diagnose and suggest an adequate medical treatment; we are professionals in the trichological sector able to intervene on many problems concerning the hair sphere. Call us on 392.17.97.446 and tell us the story of your hair: the consultation is free.