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Complete Cachos Line Kit with Jelly

Complete Cachos Line Kit with Jelly

SoftHair - a line of products dedicated to the care of your hair, all made with high quality raw materials of Brazilian origin


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Complete Curly line kit

Complete Curly line kit

€68.00 Pack content
Complete kit Cachos Curly line

Complete kit Cachos Curly line

€84.00 Pack content


This kit combined with Sofhair products is an excellent routine for managing your type 2/3 and 4 hair.

With 12 Nourishing Oils, this set of select products is perfect for detangling and activating dry and lifeless curls. Its formula with Keratin helps to strengthen the strands.
Argan oil, shea oil, cottonseed oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, green tea oil, chamomile oil, aloe oil, calamus oil, myrrh oil, olive oil and cinnamon are the natural ingredients of this product line. In addition to properly nourishing dry hair, it provides a shiny effect and a detangling action, combining perfect definition.

This kit is ideal for defining curly and wavy hair of type 2, 3 and 4 (A, B and C), in transition or in need of special care and intensive nutrition.
Consisting of 5 products at a discounted price:

- Shampoo
- Mask
- Spray day after
- Curl activator
- Jelly

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