Incredible wave cream 420ml + day after spray 240ml

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Cachos Perfeitos cream was developed for wavy hair and helps shape the hair, keeping it frizz-free and with the right volume for the type. Macadamia oil guarantees reinforcement and perfect hydration, also providing an extra shine to favor the finalization action. Its formula contains a thermal protector, ideal if you use a diffuser for drying the hair after washing. The use is very simple: after having carried out your washing routine, with damp hair apply the cream strand by strand and possibly help the formation of the curl by squeezing the strand of hair gently in the fist of your hand. Proceed with the desired finalization. That's all.

The day after spray is perfect for styling your hair in the days following the wash. It can be used several times a day and is a practical handbag accessory. Carry it with you always and you can have perfect hair always, whenever you want with a quick sprinkle. In the morning it is advisable to spray this day after on slightly humidified hair, to facilitate absorption and definition.

Don't be left without definition: use this wonderful kit consisting of a 420ml no-rinse cream to comb and the 240ml day after spray.

Suitable for type 2A, 2B and 2C hair


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660 ml

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