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Complete kit Eucalyptus line for hair

Complete kit Eucalyptus line for hair

Grandha - high quality phytotherapeutic product for specific treatments of the scalp and hair


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Complete kit Eucalyptus Body + Hair line

Complete kit Eucalyptus Body + Hair line

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The Fito Capillus Eucalyptus kit is designed to combat stress with maximum comfort in bath therapy. Recommended for night baths, in order to improve the quality of sleep and rest. It combines an exclusive biotechnological component of the sebum-regulating activity with the biomodulatory potential of the immune-inflammatory defense system, assisted by the association of three powerful essential oils with an anti-inflammatory matrix.

The products of this epicranial massage kit - massage technique that promotes relaxation of the cranial muscles and relieves tension and eliminates retained fluids in the facial region and reduces pain - and for the prevention of the effects of stress. It acts on the most sensitive skin, reducing pain and fatigue of the capillary system. Its formulation acts on the balance of the microbiota of the scalp, preventing sensitization and itching. Its formula harmonizes three powerful essential oils: white camphor, bergamot and the predominant eucalyptus globulus, in order to provide better health and well-being conditions.

Kit consisting of:

Eucalyptus shampoo 250ml

Eucalyptus balm conditioner 240 g

Manufactured with natural raw materials, each GRANDHA product is dermatologically and clinically tested.
Each Grandha product is subject to the certification of the BRAZILIAN ACADEMY of TRICHOLOGY (ABT) which is responsible for the certification of efficacy and efficiency of the products submitted to them in the examination phase: it is therefore synonymous with quality and safety in obtaining the desired results.

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