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Complete Creoula Kit

Complete Creoula Kit

Complete Creoula Kit

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Creoula Shampoo 250ml

Creoula Shampoo 250ml

Creoula Conditioner 250ml

Creoula Conditioner 250ml



Lola has brought together the most powerful natural and technological active ingredients for a line with proven effectiveness for the care of curls and Beleza Pura has created this special kit to let you try the effectiveness of these products. Curly and frizzy hair needs lubrication and hydration superior to other types. The Creoula line meets this need and is therefore the ideal companion in the no-rinse wash and cream routine - in a nutshell an exceptional kit. your hair will love the scent and will love the texture you can achieve with this line even more. Aside you can also buy the detangling cream that allows you to melt your hair in the shower in a simple and painless way.

Complete line of 3 items in kit with special price consisting of:

  • Shampoo (code 9012)
  • Condicionador. (code 9105)
  • Styling cream (code 9313)


All types of curly and frizzy hair

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  • Frizzy
  • Nutrition
  • 1 kg
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