Celia Regina Costa - creator of the Beleza Pura brand, the first Italian company to import Brazilian hair products, is pleased to announce the Italian tour of Djamila Ribeiro.

Milan, Bologna, Florence, Naples and Rome. Take a look at the calendar, because BELEZA PURA is not just hair.


Djamila Ribeiro is a Brazilian philosopher and activist who has established herself internationally as a point of reference for Black, anti-racist and pro-LGBT feminism. In 2023, the United Nations entrusted her with the opening speech on the occasion of the celebrations for the International Day in Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Trafficking of Enslaved Persons (March 25).
In Italy her books have been translated and published by Capovolte: The place of the word is an essay in which the philosopher questions who has the right to speak in a society like the one we live in where male chauvinism, whiteness and heterosexuality are the norm , while the Small antiracism and feminist manual , composed of ten short lessons to understand the origins of racism and fight it, was the best-selling book in Brazil in 2020, so much so that it was adopted in Brazilian school curricula.

The presence of Djamila Ribeiro in Italy   is part of the Decolonizing Knowledge project. Anti-racist feminism practices by Capovolte editions supported by the Ethical Finance Foundation thanks to the liberal donation of Etica Sgr , as part of the tender "What a business for women". Thanks to Beleza Pura and Celia Regina Costa for the logistical, human and valuable support throughout the tour.