Aloe Tonic 20ml - 1 bottle (box is representative only)

For a correct use we recommend the purchase of 4 bottles (about 1 month of treatment)

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1 Bottle / Ampoule


What is Aloe Capicilin 20ml vial?

Aloe Capicilin Vial 20ml is a natural treatment for the regeneration, repair and recovery of damaged or dry areas.

Hydrates, nourishes, strengthens and activates healthy growth.

Rebalances the greasiness of the scalp.

Product free of silicones, parabens and petrolatum.

Not tested on animals.

Vegan Line: No raw materials of animal origin have been tested on animals.


Each vial contains 7 applications. The application is daily, so we recommend the purchase of at least 3-4 bottles for a treatment of about 30 days


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