Superfood Pitaya shampoo and goji berries 300ml

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Superfoods are foods with a high nutritional density, meaning they provide much more nutrients than ordinary foods and are low in calories. In hair treatment, superfoods can help in several ways, depending on their particularities, but they have in common high levels of antioxidants, which fight free radicals and premature cell aging.

Pitaya: Source of vitamin C (antioxidant), omega 3 and 6. Restores the strands by promoting the alignment of the cystine bridges, restoring strength and flexibility, especially to bleached and chemically treated hair.

Goji berry: fatty acids, proteins, amino acids, vitamins C, E and the B complex.
Result in 3 minutes. Conditioning action. Vegan product. Not tested on animals.Formula Released without sulfate, without parabens, silicone and petroleum jelly.


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