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Complete vector line kit for afro hair type 4

Complete vector line kit for afro hair type 4

Grandha- high quality phytotherapeutic product for specific treatments of the scalp and hair


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The Vector Force line has been specially designed to regulate the hydrolipidic level of the hair fiber, providing better curls and waves. Its composition establishes a strong connection between aloe vera extract and Amazonian spices which together exercise a physical-chemical balance and allow for softer and more disciplined hair, where shine and texture meet to highlight the beauty of waves and curls.

Curl & Wave Home Care is the maintenance line developed by Grandha specifically for women who have curly hair and seek to stimulate it and keep it hydrated. Daily care for natural curls and textures.

The kit, at a special price, consists of:
T4 mask
Gomage Pep Oil Finalizer

Made with natural raw materials, each GRANDHA product is dermatologically and clinically tested.
Each Grandha product is subject to the certification of the BRAZILIAN ACADEMY of TRICOLOGY (ABT) which is responsible for the certification of effectiveness and efficiency of the products submitted to them during the examination phase: it is therefore synonymous with quality and safety in obtaining the desired results.

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