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Complete kit Rapunzel line

Complete kit Rapunzel line

Complete kit Rapunzel line

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Rapunzel regenerating shampoo 250ml

Rapunzel regenerating shampoo 250ml

Rapunzel Spray Milk Conditioner 250ml

Rapunzel Spray Milk Conditioner 250ml



This wonderful kit consists of:

  • shampoo 250ml
  • hair loss treatment 230ml
  • leave-in conditioner spray 230ml

The shampoo brings a refreshing sensation, penetrating the skin and stimulating blood circulation. Activates the hair bulb by stimulating growth and avoiding the loss and weakening of the hair. The product brings hair mass, volume and balances the scalp.

Growth Tônico is a treatment to reduce hair loss and stimulate growth. It acts directly on the root, stimulating growth. It acts on the life cycle of the hair, nourishing and strengthening it to avoid breakage and / or premature fall.

Milk Spray is a leave-in conditioner that prevents aging and the consequent breakage of the hairline. It absorbs immediately hydrating dry and weak hair, leaving it with a silky appearance and a soft touch.


Aplique according to or capilar chronogram. Tonic hair antiqued by them is a table of use:

para perda de cabelo severa: aplique daily.
para perda de cabelo moderada: aplique three vezes por semana.
preventive and pontual treatment: aplique duas vezes por semana.

Apply the products according to the capillary chronogram. For the anti-hair loss tonic, the maximum use scheme is:

severe loss: diary use
moderate loss: three times a week
preventive treatment: twice a week

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