Intense Defining Cream 1kg

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The Intense Definition Cream is everything that hair in transition, without definition and dryness needs. Suitable for 2ABC, 3ABC and 4ABC curves, this 1kg pack produces up to 30 applications and is an intensive treatment that leaves hair well-treated, with defined and shaped curls, as well as giving intense shine.

This result is possible only thanks to the formula of the super concentrated product that contains: Coconut Oil, which moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the hair, giving radiant shine and extreme softness, as well as being rich in vitamins and fatty acids.

Almond oil, which has nourishing properties that recover the hair, as it restores its properties and helps to define curls, also helps to reduce frizz, deeply hydrates and seals the cuticles, ensuring shine and softness to the hair .

Honey, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, in addition to having a strengthening and antioxidant action, protects the hair and is ultra moisturizing.

With all these advantages, the Combing Cream also has a UV filter and is suitable for daily use. Released for use on children


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